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If you have wondered

How can you help

 needy children,

Please remember that all help, no matter how small, counts.

FUNDANA believes that every child deserves a better future ...

That is why we work to protect lives to change destinies.

We need you to be able to do it.

Your generosity can make a huge change in a child's life.

Ways to cooperate:

Support Our Work

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Make a Donation

By donating, you can help save a child's life today.

Any contribution adds up to achieve it.

Donation Boxes

Ship Products

Contact us if you have any goods that can make the life of our “Chiquiticos” better.

It is always well received: food, clothes and shoes, toys, personal hygiene products, medicines or any other item that you have in good condition.

Voluntarios Servir comida

Offer your Services

If you have any special or professional skills and / or if your company can help us in any way; Please contact us and we will surely find together some way in which you can support us.

Get involved


Become a Volunteer

Join our team of volunteers. You can help our children during their daily activities. You can also support us in administrative, operational activities, etc.

Extra hands are always welcome.

Contact us to identify where you can help


Work in the Communities

Supporting with the delivery of food or hygiene kits or getting involved in events in the communities.

Contact us to identify where you can help.


Become an Ally

By adding efforts we can achieve greater results.

We have worked for 30 years with many organizations successfully.

Contact us to join the team.

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