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We empower women survivors of gender violence


51.3% of Venezuelan households suffer from some type of gender violence. One of the elements that directly affects this situation is impunity, and the silence of the victims who refuse to report these criminal behaviors committed by their partners.


Provide free and confidential accompaniment to women survivors of gender violence and their children, allowing them to get out of the cycle of violence and strengthen their support networks.


  • Provide specialized psychological care.

  • Legally advise on the relevant legal processes.

  • Accompany with actions that allow them to avoid subsequent situations of violence.

  • Jointly create support networks and extend work/academic advice.


  • In partnership with UNHCR, we have helped 262 survivors to break the cycle of violence

  • We have provided contraceptive implants to 360 women.

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Your help
can make the change

We invite you to refer this service to people you think deserve or can benefit from it.

We remind you that our services are completely free and confidential.

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