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"The Villas of the Chiquiticos"

It is a safe temporary home for children, where they are offered protection and love, until they are reintegrated into a family.


Every minute, four minors are sexually abused in Latin America and Venezuela is no exception.

The risk of child abuse increases when children and adolescents live in contexts of extreme vulnerability. The current economic crisis that the country is going through has generated an increase in the difficulties of children and their families to access basic health services, nutrition, education, water, sanitation and hygiene and comprehensive protection.



Provide a temporary home to children between newborns and nine years that have been victims of neglect, mistreatment and / or abuse until their family reintegration is achieved, either with a member of their original or substitute family.

Read more in "Grandes and Chiquiticos Program".

Fundana acts in support of the National System of Integral Protection of boys, girls, and adolescents, as they refer the cases to us.



During the stay of the children in "Las Villas de los Chiquiticos", they receive, in addition to a warm and safe home:

  • Medical care

  • Psychological care

  • Social care

  • Legal care

  • Educational and early stimulation care

  • Recreational care

  • Speech therapy and Physiotherapy care

  • Among others


Fundana has become a national reference organization as a model for comprehensive residential care.

99% of school-age children go to school, once they are leveled.

Fundana accepts 90% of the requests for quotas from the Councils for the Protection of Children and Adolescents of the metropolitan area of ​​Caracas and its surroundings.

97% of the children are nutritionally recovered before being graduated from the Entity.

100% of children who require surgical intervention, have surgeries.

82% of children are reintegrated into a biological or substitute family environment, avoiding institutionalization for life and 63% of them manage to be reintegrated into their biological family environment.

83% of biological families receive comprehensive support.

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Your help
can make the change

We are encouraged to be part of the construction of a Venezuela where the rights of children are respected.

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