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Who are we?

FUNDANA is a non-profit organization,

based in Caracas, Venezuela,
whose mission is to protect children.


Protect lives

to change destinies "

What do we do?

Brindamos protección y acompañamiento a niños, niñas, mujeres y familias vulnerables
  • Protegemos a la infancia victima de maltrato, abuso y abandono en a traves de la entidad de atencion para niños de 0 a 6 años Las Villas de Los Chiquiticos.
  • Nos aseguramos que cada niño, niña y adolescente sea reinsertado en un medio familiar seguro.
  • Realizamos trabajo multisectorial preventivo junto a las comunidades, atendiendo problemáticas familiares, alimentarias, de higiene, saneamiento, violencia intrafamiliar y efectos de cambio climático.
Nuestro trabajo se basa en aplicar estrategias y metodológicas innovadoras de escalabilidad, que permiten generar el impacto social necesario para el alcance de los objetivos de desarrollo sostenible (ODS), basados en la agenda 2030.



Nuestro empeño por defender los derechos y la igualdad de oportunidades de los más vulnerables, nos llevó a crear varios Programas centrados en tres pilares:

  • Protección a la infancia

  • Prevención en comunidades

  • Empoderamiento a la mujer

Child Protection


Program "Las Villas de los Chiquiticos"

GRANDES Y (1).jpg

Program "Grandes y Chiquiticos" 

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Programa  “CUIDA”

We instill trust and hope in children in a safe place.


We provide a temporary home to children between 0 and 9 years old, who require immediate protection for having been victims of: mistreatment, abuse and / or neglect.

We work to get a family for each child.


We place foster families to shelter those children who are temporarily unable to return to their biological family.

Promovemos la reinserción en familias biológicas.


Evaluamos y reforzamos las buenas prácticas de crianza, a familiares biológicos para que asuman la protección. 

Prevention in Communities

Program Family Strengthening

"PROFAM Urbano"



"Community PROFAM"

We preserve families in the most vulnerable communities ...

We provide guidance and family strengthening to families at high social risk, through a multidisciplinary team to achieve a comprehensive intervention within the communities.

We support hygiene and sanitation.

We offer sustainable solutions for water, hygiene and sanitation in vulnerable communities, through strategies that encourage community participation.


Program "WASH"


Program "Nutrifamilias"

We prevent and treat child malnutrition.


We provide outpatient nutritional care to children, adolescents, pregnant and lactating women with acute malnutrition and nutritional risk.

Empowerment of Women

Cajas de embalaje
Young Businesswomen

Program "Women"

Programa "YO SI PUEDO"

We empower women survivors of gender violence.

We offer free and confidential accompaniment to women survivors of gender violence and their daughters and sons, allowing them to get out of the cycle of violence and strengthen their support networks.

Empoderamiento y formación de la mujer como forma de salir del ciclo de la violencia

Ofrecemos programas de emprendimiento.

Leo Alvarez _oelzer  fundana  jamesdeancriollo-82.jpg




True story.

The names have been changed to protect the privacy of the children involved.

One day in the Villas:

José Andrés has not had an easy childhood !!! His mother feared for her life  and took refuge in her aunt's house, but his father managed to find her. JA was left alone so he needed to be protected urgently. He was transferred by the Police to “Las Villas de los Chiquiticos”. He was very hungry and his clothes were still stained from the violence he had witnessed.

At “Las Villas” the first thing he received was a warm hug, followed by a plate of hot oatmeal. Then he was taken to the "Villa Esmero" where he met who would be his "godmother" in FUNDANA. All the kids call her "mae", and JA can call her that too. The "Mae" took him to the bathtub where they played while she washed him.

JA like all the children of “Las Villas” received a change of clothes for the day and night. He has a bed with Paw Patrol sheets, and a teddy bear to accompany him during the night. But in the dark JA remembers what he has lived, cries and screams in despair. He is very sad and has nightmares. Luckily "Mae" is there to accompany him, calm him down and tell him a story.

In the morning our psychologist will attend to him, as well as the pediatrician and nutritionist who will evaluate him to guarantee the treatment and diet according to his needs. Once he is more calm and accustomed to the routine of his new home: "Villa Esmero", he will start going to the preschool inside the Villas, to the central square, to music and soccer classes. For now, we are just going to ensure that he feels safe, loved and accompanied. Meanwhile, the social work team of Fundana, strives to find a member of his family that is both motivated and qualified to raise him.

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