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We promote health, hygiene and access to safe and clean water in communities.


The most vulnerable communities do not have access to safe and clean water, nor to personal hygiene and cleaning products, increasing health problems in the family and especially in children.


We offer sustainable solutions for water, hygiene and sanitation in vulnerable communities, through strategies that encourage community participation, seeking to improve access to safe water, we deliver basic hygiene products at the family level and cleaning and disinfection products in protection, education and health centers.



In alliance with Unicef, who provides the products, we promote respect and empathy in communities to create safe environments for a better quality of life.


We carry out psycho-educational workshops on hygiene and sanitation. With our iconic character WASH-MAN, we teach children personal hygiene.

The Entrepreneurs Club was created in 2020, a sustainable community empowerment and entrepreneurship project for women heads of households, to promote their economic autonomy.

Hand-washers and water tanks were installed in the communities.


219 face-to-face psychoeducational workshops and 1,937 calls during the pandemic to various population groups as a strategy to disseminate key hygiene and sanitation messages and also promote good treatment and care for children and adolescents. With this strategy we have reached 7,662 beneficiaries.

We have impacted 1,244 children and adolescents, creating murals, banners, songs and activities to spread promotional messages in seven communities.


We have delivered 285 hygiene kits, reaching 1,554 people.

25 hand-washing points were installed in different health and protection centers and dining rooms.


8 community tanks with an ultra-filtering system were installed to guarantee safe and accessible water.

We have impacted 1,142 people, carried out repairs to white water pipes, in communities where access to water was non-existent.

The water, hygiene and sanitation conditions of 7 protection centers, 14 health centers and 5 community kitchens and educational centers were strengthened, which includes expanding the capacities of the personnel who work there.

During the Pandemic, individual sinks were installed that facilitate and encourage hand washing, in addition to the delivery of personal protective equipment to more than 150 health professionals, so that they can continue with their work.

Tanker trucks were delivered reaching more than 43,299 people.


We have created and conditioned three spaces within the community for the Entrepreneurs Club

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Your help
can make the change

Prevent and improve health with good hygiene practices, helps to avoid the spread of diseases, diarrhea, pneumonia and parasites, to name a few, which affect the lives of many children in these communities

You can help us.

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